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Branded Flip Flops

Branded Flip Flops

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About Me

What do you call a French man with sandals on..? Philippe-Flop… 👀 


Now that that’s out of the way, let us tell you how you can have no more “ooh, ouch, owwy, ouchy” hot feet along that scorching sand, and instead be the envy of the beach, the pool, and even the supermercado with our flip flops so durable, they can survive even the toughest of summer jollies. And when you're ready to retire them, they make a great chew toy for your dog. 

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Bill from Bristol once told us… ‘these flip flops are so comfy I forgot I was wearing them. On my way to the Red Lion for an afternoon pint I engaged in a game of football with some Spanish kids. I belted the ball down the road, but my flip-flop flew off and hit a granny square in the face. That’s me not getting into heaven’

So, listen to Bill. Bill is great.


How to use me

  •  They have V-shaped straps and a toe post for you to put in-between your big toe and the next not-so-big toe
  •  They have a flat sole and Slip-resistant tread* 
  • If we need to tell you how to wear flip flops, then how have you made it to adulthood? 

*however, please don’t run around the pool,


Product Details

Smooth faux-leather upper
Lining sock: 100% Other materials

Sole: 100% Other materials

Upper: 100% Other materials

Delivered within 2-5 Days

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