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Lilo Puncture Repair Kit

Lilo Puncture Repair Kit

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About Me

You’ve finally given in to the kids nagging you to buy a 50 Euro lilo from the mini mart, almost had a heart attack trying to blow the damn thing up, but you’ve done it. You watch the kids run happily towards to the pool as you lie back and take that well-earned sip of San Miguel and... ‘POPPPPPP’ *and the tears start* 

Fear not! For you are the beacher who always comes prepared. You bought our Lilo Puncture Repair kit and you won’t let one tiny rip deflate your summer dreams of soaking up the sun on a lilo in the pool.

Our repair kit comes fully equipped with everything you need to patch up your inflatable friend in no time. 

So don't let a little thing like a puncture ruin your summer vibes - grab our lilo puncture repair kit and get back to floating and frolicking in no time. 

Your lilo (and your tan) will thank you!

How to use me

  • Find the puncture or rip on the lilo or inflatable unicorn (this is the hard bit) 
  • Take out one of the air stopper-outers (super-sticky patches) and pop it on 

Product Details

Contents: 12 wash proof plasters, 4 skin cleansing swabs, 2 dry swabs, 1 lilo repair kit. All of the first aid and care products within the kit meet all applicable EU regulations.

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