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Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

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About Me

Introducing the ultimate luggage tag for all beach bums and flip flop enthusiasts out there - the Flip Flop Luggage Tag! 

Say goodbye to boring, generic luggage tags and hello to a quirky and fun accessory that will make your suitcase stand out from the crowd. This tag is designed to look just like a real flip flop, complete with colourful straps and a textured sole. 

Not only will it make your luggage easy to spot at baggage claim, but it will also bring a smile to the faces of your fellow travelers. 

And let's be real, who doesn't love a good pun? With this tag, you can proudly declare that you're "flip-flopping around the world" or "strolling the beaches of paradise" - whichever tickles your fancy. 

So why settle for a boring old luggage tag when you can have a Flip Flop Luggage Tag? It's the perfect accessory for your next beach getaway or tropical vacation. Don't let your luggage be caught without one!

How to use me

  • Add me to your suitcase so you can spot it a mile off!
  • Pop your name and address on the back in case the airline loses your bag..(we’re looking at you Easy Jet!)

Product Details

Length 80mm 

Width 37.3mm

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